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Гол, мөрөн, усаа хамгаалах хөдөлгөөн олон улсад өрнөж, бидэнд урт нэртэй хуулиа эргүүлэн сэргээх шаардлага тулгамдаад байна

Монголын Байгаль Орчны Иргэний Зөвлөл нь Дэлхийн Усны Өдрийг угтан дээрх видео постыг нийгмийн сүлжээнд нийтлэжээ.

Иргэний нийгмийн байгууллагууд байгаль орчин, хүний эрхийг зөрчиж буй корпорациудын үйл ажиллагааны талаарх дата мэдээлэл цуглуулах багтай боллоо!

Dear OECD Watch members,

We are thrilled to announce that SOMO is setting up a pro bono investigations unit to help activists counter corporate power!

The Counter, which will go live in a few months, will be a global ‘helpdesk’ offering corporate research and company data to activists working to hold companies that cause social harms and environmental destruction to account.   

SOMO has been investigating companies and providing corporate research to environmental and human rights activists for decades, but thanks to a generous grant from the Dutch Postcode Lottery, we are now able to scale up our operations and set up The Counter.

SOMO’s corporate research starts with ‘following the money’, and at The Counter we will dig into corporate and capital structures, ownership and investors, operations, finances, and governance to help build a file with evidence that can be used in an investigation, court case, or campaign. Transparency, truth, justice, and remedy, is what we strive for at The Counter.

Roberta Cowan, Corporate Researcher at SOMO: “As someone who, for years, has been digging up company data and providing corporate research to communities and activists bravely challenging corporate abuses, I am excited about what we will be able to achieve with The Counter. I have seen first-hand how transparency, solid evidence, and a paper-trail can be radically disruptive when standing up to corporate giants.”

Years of unregulated corporate expansion, where multinationals set up subsidiaries and shell companies around the world to expand into new markets, dodge tax, lower costs, and undermine labour standards, has resulted in countless environmental catastrophes, abuses of workers’ rights, the deliberate obfuscation of supply chains, and widespread corporate impunity.

The Counter will not only dig up vital data and corporate information, it will advise and help strategize with activists, communities, lawyers, and journalists about using the data where it will be most effective, including in public campaigns, with regulators, in courtrooms, and in the media.

As you can tell, we are super excited about the potential of The Counter, and we hope you are too! Over the coming months we will be hiring the additional staff and developing the systems necessary to deliver an initiative of this scale. This will include a series of introductory webinars during 2023. You can stay connected as we roll out The Counter, by signing up here to receive regular updates.

For now, please help us get the word out by:

Шинэ судалгаа: Цахилгаан машины баттарея үйлдвэрлэл ба ур дагавар

SOMO нь шинэ судалгаандаа цахилгаан машины баттарея үйлдвэрлэл ба түүний хэрэглээний гинжийг харуулсан. Судалгаанд баттарея үйлдвэрлэхэд шаардлагатай түүхий эд буюу ашигт малтмалын үйлдвэрлэл ба хэрэглээ нь улс орнуудын хоорондох тэгш бус байдлыг бататгаж байгааг харуулж, нийтээрээ ашигт малтмал ухахаас зайлс хийж, авто тээврийн тухай ойлголтоо өөрчлье гэж санал дэвшүүлсэн билээ.

SOMO has just  published some important new research and an exciting story visualization with insightful infographics on the “battery boom” currently taking place around the globe. The story raises serious questions about the extent of mineral consumption, where these resources come from and, crucially, who consumes them. We hope the report helps influence the debate around the Critical Raw Materials Act (CRMA) and encourages the reduction of mineral consumption by moving away from car dependency towards active and shared transport and fewer and smaller cars. We’ve put in a session proposal to the OECD on this for the upcoming OECD Responsible Minerals Forum.

The story can be found on our socials, including SOMO’s Twitter as well as LinkedIn here and here